Corporate expense reporting


Open Source with Support!

These documents will help you get going with ESS™:

  • Using ESS™ explains how to create a report and submit it. It also gives instructions on approving reports, attaching receipts and using your mobile device.
  • ESS™ Processing and Controls is targetted towards auditors. It describes how to audit an expense report and make payments. It also covers maintaining user profiles, managing control tables, and credit card imports.
  • ESS™ Linux Sys Admin provides guidance to system administrators on how to deal with issues and make sure the ESS™ database is secure on the Amazon Cloud.
  • ESS™ Cloud Installation is an instruction manual for installing ESS™ on the Amazon Cloud.
  • ESS™ Simple Inquiries contains information on creating a Simple Inquiry and producing an EOD feed file for your A/P, G/L systems.
  • ESS™s Transaction Tables hold the expense report data. This document describes them.
  • ESS™Google Maps Interface shows how to create a Google Maps project and credentials for the Maps API.
  • ESS™Manual Installation Procedures provides instructions for manually install ESS anywhere.
  • ESS™Invoices provides a description of the collection and processing.
  • ESS™Potosi mobile platform usage manual.

ESS™ — An open approach